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Here’s How Much You Can Save By Buying a Golf Dvd!

Golf is an elite game and if you go for a training school, then it could cost a serious dent in your pocket. But if you are not one who is willing to shell out all that money, then there are other ways at your disposal too.

Considering an online golf course over golf schools is a good idea to get things started. But, you might already be thinking that we are trying to dupe you. So, just to make everything clear, here’s what course fees in a golf college looks like –

The Reality Of Online Golf Course Tuition Fees

The tuition fees at a golf college could be anywhere between 5000 GBP and 7000 GBP per semester. Taking into account that there are two or more semesters, you are looking at a pocket dent of at least 10,000 GBP. However you might not be willing to shed on something you have not even started yet.

We understand it’s a great sport and you would love to go pro, but just in case you aren’t able to continue for whatever reason, you could be missing out on big savings.

So What Do You Do?

Well, you can always buy a dvd of online golf course for starters and that would cost you less than GBP 30 and that’s where you can save all the money. An 18 piece golf club set on the other hand would cost you around 200 GBP and in just around a total of 250 GBP, you will be all set to start your golf journey.

Don’t worry, we know what’s on your mind! You are thinking if the whole package will be as effective as going to a golf college. To win your trust for the best golf websites, we are presenting you with some of the advantages of online courses that you should definitely know of. Let’s take a look –

i. It’s for all levels of difficulty and whether you are an amateur or an intermediate, you will still find plenty to learn from.

ii.  Self-paced courses do not demand that you dedicate your life towards them. You have the material and you can take your own sweet time to hit the spot.

iii. You can learn at the comfort of your home and the online golf course is well balanced to get you started on playing the game. It isn’t just half a semester’s worth of theoretical studies where you crave holding the club and watch your hard-earned money go down the drain.

All of this at less than GBP 250 and a golf club membership to get those practice hours might cost you anywhere between GBP 129 to GBP 600 (depending on your age and experience) and you are good to go. At less than a 1000 pounds sterling, you can really stand a chance learning the beautiful game and with enough practice you might as well become pro one day!

Then you have to enter the amateur championships and test your mettle, that’s all!


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