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golf training program
golf training program
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What To Expect In An Intensive Golf Training Programme?

intensive golf lessons

Intensive golf training schools have become the thing that golf pro aspirants are going to when they want to learn the game. But what do these golf courses really stand for? The answer lies in the word intensive – it means a thorough training process that is packed within a very small amount of time.

In this blog, we are going to look at what one should expect when opting for intensive golf lessons. Want to find out? Let’s take a look –

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The Right Kind Of Golf Shaft For You Is

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Have you been looking for the right kind of golf shaft to increase your game? Well, then you should keep reading because this is going to get interesting. We are going to let you in on all the latest available shafts and which one will be best for you.

Why Is That Important?

Well, if you have a shaft that is synced with your swing and clubhead speed along with your handicap score, then it is definitely going to make your game a lot better. Now, let’s take a look at some of the options

1.Extra Stiff Shafts

Made from steel, these shafts are good for people looking to drive the ball a long way – over 260 meters away. One of the best things about this type of shaft is how it makes good use of your high swing speed. The solidity it provides makes it easier for you to command the ball rather than lose control of what’s going on.

It is a great option for people with a low handicap score, preferably under 5!

2.Stiff Shafts

The stiff shaft is generally made of steel and great with speed, only allowing a little more flexibility than the extra stiff one, according to the best online golf training courses UK. If you have a relatively high swing speed compared to others, then the stiff shaft will be more than perfect for you.

Looking to drive over 240 meters – that is what this shaft is all about, and you too can make it happen. It comes marked with an S, and makes for a fine addition to your entire kit!

3.Regular Shafts

In terms of sheer popularity, regular shafts are on the top of the list and make for a stunning addition to people who have a low swing speed. One can find it in steel, but graphite is lighter and supplements the swing better.

It is a great addition for the new players and gives better drive if you have a high handicap score.

These are the 3 major shaft types for you to pick from and if you want to increase your game proficiency, then having the perfect shafts on your clubhead is going to matter. If you feel like you need to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of each type, then all you need to do is sign up for an online golf course UK, and you are good to go!


Get Some Inspiration From The Golf Trick Shots Online!

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While golf is a popular game that is appreciated by many, some might feel that it often misses the magic streak that glues people to other games. But that is far from the case and you will realize this after you complete reading this blog.

If you want some golf magic that will motivate you to get your clubs and master your hand-eye coordination, then this is what you need. There are many professional golfers who have been doing the unthinkable – with their clubs and sticks, in all kinds of places. From little rooms to green carpet settings and more. Here are some of the people doing amazing things that you should check out –

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How A Golf Course Website Is All You Need To Learn The Game!

online golf course

If you have been passionate about golf lately, then you must be thinking of a way to learn more about it, without having to invest a lot of time and money. However, if you have consulted with any of your friends who have a knack for the game, then they must have told you that there is no other way.

Are you disappointed? Well, you need not be. Technology has come a long way and now you can learn and get help about anything you want online, if you are truly willing to. This blog is going to spell out how a golf course website is all you need if you want to get a grasp of the game. Now, let’s find out – Continue reading “How A Golf Course Website Is All You Need To Learn The Game!”

5 Golf Terms You Might Not Have Heard Of Before!

best golf club websites

Golf literature is complex and amateur golf lovers often don’t have much idea of what some of the complex terms mean. While it is impossible to teach you all of them at one go, this blog is going to come up with 5 exciting golf terms, you probably have not heard before.

And yes, for the sake of redundancy, we are going to leave out the common ones – the essence of this blog is going to unique. Also, if you want to learn all of these and more in excruciating detail and with reference to the game, then subscribe to an online golf training course today! Continue reading “5 Golf Terms You Might Not Have Heard Of Before!”

Why You Need To Pickup Golf As The New Skill Of Choice!123

Golf Training Program

Widely considered the game of the social elites, golf is one of the only games that isn’t for people lacking in time or space. Clearly, people who started the game had enough resources for leisure and that is why this sport has long eluded common folk from all over the world. But, what is it about golf that makes it so wanted and alluring? Continue reading “Why You Need To Pickup Golf As The New Skill Of Choice!123”