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5 Golf Terms You Might Not Have Heard Of Before!

Golf literature is complex and amateur golf lovers often don’t have much idea of what some of the complex terms mean. While it is impossible to teach you all of them at one go, this blog is going to come up with 5 exciting golf terms, you probably have not heard before.

And yes, for the sake of redundancy, we are going to leave out the common ones – the essence of this blog is going to unique. Also, if you want to learn all of these and more in excruciating detail and with reference to the game, then subscribe to an online golf training course today!

1. Angle Of Approach

This term means the angle at which the club approaches the ball. Angle of approach plays a pivotal role in how the golf ball will reach its target and this is one thing that professional golfers must know very well – and have a good instinct for, not being afraid to get creative if their calculations feel so. Once you take up an online tutorial on golf, you will get expert tips on how to tweak it and get the best results in your golf games.

2. Balata

A rarely used natural substance that is rubberlike, Balata balls have a much softer feel when compared to synthetic ones. Also, this material gives the ball spin, and makes the game more dynamic. Most golf players enjoy balata balls and choose it over the artificial ones, however, what people mistake as pure balata is often a synthetic blend that gives the ball similar characteristics. Because of the material’s rare use, now Balata balls are more explanatory of the characteristics that it should have, rather than the material it is made of.

3. Block Shot

Another interesting golf technique that you can come across when taking a course online, the block requires the player to limit and tweak the forearm movement in a way, that compels the ball to move to the right of the target. It is a very sophisticated move and learning it takes practice and video tutorials that ingrain the action in your mind for the best mimicking. If you are low on time and passionate about golf, you can always take a video golf tutorial online and hone your visual memory for reference during practice at the course. Block shots are an important weapon in the arsenal of a gifted gold player!

4. Cavity Back Clubs

Cavity backs are special clubs that come with a hollow back and has the weight distributed at the edges of the clubhead. These clubs are a favorite of beginning golfers who need more forgiving clubs when they are trying to perfect their balance and center of gravity. Cavity back clubs allow that kind of maneuver – however, they lack in the sweet spot department, where the forged iron clubs take the advantage home. During your training for golf, you can get a better look into how these clubs are put into the best use.

5. Center Of Rotation

Center of rotation is the pivot or axis, around which the golfer’s body rotates when taking a shot – it is the cornerstone quality of a good golf player and when you sign up for an online golf tutorial, this is one of the first things you will learn. Center of rotation, along with elbow angle, power, and alignment, make a short what it is. If you are looking for good reference, watch some Tiger Woods swings!

Want to know more about golf? Well, it’s not hard at all. Sign up today for a golf training course and watch video footage worth thousands of dollars at the best prices. It might sound unbelievable – but it’s true. Your road to becoming a pro golfer might start at home!

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