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3 Things In Golf History That Are Too Funny!

Golf is one of the most popular games on the planet and covers all of the 5 continents with an almost equal interest in the masses. The game involves a lot of nuances that bring out the best of strategy and athletic ability in its players, something that people thoroughly enjoy.

And much like all other global games, golf has funny, quirky, and interesting things happening too. In this blog, we are going to take a look at 5 such great anecdotes of the game that are going to give you a million emotions, if you are passionate about of the game and golf management program UK. Now, let’s take a look –

    1.The Story Of The Golf Seer

If you have heard about Nostradamus, the seer who predicted his own death, then this one is going to feel just the same. Whether from his sheer confidence and calculative brilliance or through some divine intervention, we will never know, but the name Doug Ford will forever be etched in golf lore stone.

This golfer was able to predict his victory and total points in the game (282) in 1957 and that gave him instant recognition from all over the world of golf!

    2.Know Your Caddy

Probably the most important person to any golfer, a caddy plays a vital role in the game. From driving the cart here and there to picking the right club for the player, it is almost like a surgeon – assistant bond.

Did you know that the word caddy comes from the word Cadet which in French means ‘youngest son’? It is an important anecdote for would be golfers and adds a lot of character to the whole deal!

    3.Warm Afternoon Golf Will Get Your Ball Soaring

Everyone knows how air pressure works and how heated air tends to move up, making it thinner near the surface. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, there is a lot of effect on the game because of this phenomenon!

On warm days, the air rises up and that makes the golf ball soar longer distances, because the air close to the surface is thinner.

These are some of the funny and interesting facts that you would love to know if you are a golfer. You can also get a lot more of such facts when you buy a golf training DVD. So, what are you waiting for?


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