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golf training program
golf training program
golf training program

Here’s a quick guide to become a golf master in just two hours! Yes, you heard it right!

Before your tryst with the fairway, gear up to learn and hone your golfing skills!

A small note for all the golfing enthusiasts….

We have prepared a set of questions for you and if you are nodding after reading every question, well your enthusiasm to learn golf is unputdownable indeed!!

Here you go:

  • guide to become a golf master Do you dream big to become a great golfer?
  • golf training course Do you want to grip the right club when playing golf?
  • golf training program Want to get your postures, core strength, balance and stances right in place?
  • golf training videos Do you want to master the skill of dealing with bunkers?
  • online golf course Want to attain perfection on the slopes?
  • golf course websites In search of the best knowledge to put the right way?

The Brownie Point:

Nuggets of wise talks and advices from a professional golfer!

Have patience, you are marching ahead in knowing the secrets of golfing.

Thinking a lot that you will be starting from scratch, golf is not your cup of tea no matter how passionate you are about this sport and so on…

Well, if you have the URGE to excel in golf, you are good enough to give it a shot!

Checklist for you if you want to be great in golfing

  • DON’T need prior experience. So if ‘teeing box’, ‘club’, ‘fairways’ are new words for you, it is perfectly fine!
  • DON’T need to be familiar with a fairway. No harm if you haven’t seen it before!
  • DON’T need to make huge investments on golf kits right away!
  • DON’T have to just splurge to learn golf or be a golf master

You NEED to have the spirit and just relax with the intent to soak in all the golfing knowledge and skills…

Golf Training Program

Let’s debunk the popular myth:

When you spell out the word ‘golf’, expensive sets of equipment or a fully equipped golf kit is the image that comes to many minds… but golf is not only about caddie bags, high-end clubs, cool golfing kits!!

Definitely, good equipment and golf accessories have their definite roles to play. But FIRST you need to know a lot, learn, gather knowledge, master the golfing skills and then only you can get the confidence to let your foot in the fairway!

Golfing Off To A Tee

“No matter how good you get you can always get better and that’s the exciting part.”


Not getting it right can be a costly miss!

We are here for you to let you learn via the golf training program that we have designed for you. We are not one of the regular golf school websites that promises a lot but delivers less! I am going to introduce you to how to do it right with our online golf training help by your side.

Golf Training Videos

Here’s scope for you to gather all the knowledge and experience straight from the horse’s mouth! A professional golf player is sure to unmask little facts that can make you an ace golfer.

Get ready to discover, dabble and be dedicated to pick the varied nuances of golfing….

This golf mentoring program is NOT

best golf training coursesAny crash course where you put in loads of pounds and learn NOTHING
golf training videosThis is not a group session where shyness and fear come into play and you hardly learn
best golf videosThis is not what a much-hyped e-book that seemingly looks promising but delivers peanuts!

What we have for you:

Here we present our 4 DVD program in a nutshell

With no sort of embarrassment whatsoever and without the need to buy an expensive golf kit, picking the club or gracing the fairway, just watch our 4 DVD’s encapsulated golf training videos! We bet on the fact that this will prove to be one of the best golf training courses in UK. You can keep this treasure of information with you, watch it from time to time, again and again –to master the art of golfing!

DVD 1: Taking a look!

  • Get to know about the correct and different postures and be injury-free
  • Know how to have the right grip and the perfect way to swing
  • Getting the golf club release bang on there!
  • Get conversant with right club positions

And much more…

DVD 2: A briefing

  • The perfect way to PUT
  • Know the skills of how to CHIP and RUN
  • Know the ways to get through the BUNKERS

And much more…

DVD 3: At a Glimpse

  • Know how to use the RESISTANCE board
  • Know ways to spot the right club length along with warm-up tips
  • Navigate the ways to become a pro by dealing with shadows, ball and umbrella drills

And much more…

DVD 4: Know now!

  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge about golf course ETIQUETTE
  • Get used to the best practice of DRAW and FADE
  • Excel while dealing with slopes
  • Learn the art and ways to CURVE correctly

And much more…

We can assure you one thing that this will be your dream opportunity ever to take cues, learn and imbibe the best with our best golf videos.

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Online Golf Training

£29.99 is the price for the 3DVD’s and the 4th one comes for free!

“Golfing Off To A Tee” is an online golf training program that is worth the investment as you really have nothing at all to lose.

You cannot go wrong with the decision that you make now of laying your hands on these DVD’s.

You get a 100% money back guarantee offer! I will ensure complete refund of the payment you make in case you are not completely happy with the content of the 4 DVD’s.

I am confident about my product and want to be by your side in your journey to become an ace golfer without the need to spend huge pounds at the onset on golf caddies, kits, fairway rents and more….
There is no risk involved when you seal the deal with us. Just do not wrack your brain too much as over thinking will only lead to delaying your journey of becoming the master golf player!

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